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Are you a manager, or someone else, with multiple regular 1-1's? Are your meeting notes hard to read docs at Google Drive or in Microsoft Word? Are your action items scattered across notes apps and post-its? Is keeping track of all this enough of a chore that you, and the people you meet with, dread your 1-1's?

No surprise. Especially as a manager, you may have more than a dozen regular 1-1's with your leadership and each of the people you manage. Keeping all of the information straight can be a nightmare.

Does it have to be this way? No!

With this Notion template:

📂 Meeting Notes are easy to find - one page that links to all of your meeting notes!

👥 Sharing is a breeze - one history page for each attendee that is a permalink you can share with them and add to the recurring calendar event!

🧘‍♂️ Each meeting stays focused - one page per meeting so you see the meeting you're having, not the entire past!

✅ Action Items are front and center - centralized action items means you never forget your commitments!

📝 Notes scale as your team does - one click to add a new meeting!

Turn your 1-1 drudgery into efficient, collaborative exercises!

Everything included:

  • A top level page that holds of your 1-1 meetings
  • Single click to make a new 1-1 history page
  • On each history page, single click to make a new meeting
  • One Action Item list per meeting history page, synced to the notes of each meeting

Optional Consulting Time

Choose the 30min consultation if you want to learn how this template system works and how to adapt it to your situation. We'll get you bootstrapped for next week's meetings!

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A Notion template for tracking meeting notes and action items for all of your regular 1-1's


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1-1 Tracker for Notion

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